Este es el el link del hilo oficial de la Titan Desert 2011 en el foro mtb (copiar y pegar en barra de direcciones):

Es interesante porque hay fotos, experiencias de gente que lo ha hecho y lo ha terminado, dudas y consultas sobre bici, ruedas, comida, duchas....muy práctico.

Podeis ver por la gente que lo ha hecho que no hay ningun superman, es cuestion de entrenar y saber regularse, son 6 dias recorriendo el desierto marroquí con una transición directa a....GRANADA !! Si compañeros, acaba en Granada, la capital de Al Andalus, y alli tenemos que estar los Cruzados, para cristianizar a los infieles, ja, ja !!

Ya hay 3 Cruzados que lo van a hacer: Pablo A., Antonio y M.A., con lo cual ya se entra en la clasificacion por equipos.

Esto solo pasa una vez en la vida, y solo se vive una vez, asi que vamos a aprovecharlo

Con tiempo os contaremos como vamos a patrocinarnos, buscar aportaciones, final tendremos que montar un club serio en condiciones, ja, ja !!

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  1. Ánimo muchachos, me alegro que os apuntéis a la Titan.
    Sacar lotería de Navidad cruzada pero ya!!! Ya os ayudaremos a vender todos y de ahí se puede sacar un pico.

  2. Mi mujer tiene un Nissan Almera, me haran algun descuento por cliente en la Nissan Titan Desert ? (por cierto, no os compreis uno, ja, ja)

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  15. Ricciardo: Not easy to make friends in F1 life
    Ricciardo: Not easy to make friends in F1life
    Chris Estrada
    Mar 10, 2013, 4:06 PM EDT
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    Getty Images
    Formula One is certainly filled with glitz and glamour, but Scuderia Toro Rossos Daniel Ricciardo knows another truth about the F1 life: It can be tough to find a pal.
    You try to make friends along the way but it is not easy, the Australian driver said in a James Phelps-penned piece for todays Sunday Telegraph (Sydney, Australia).
    The friends you tend to make are drivers because you spend most of your time at a trackBut in this business, you are one out a lot of the time. It is hard to make friends because of all the traveling we do and how busy we are. I am never in one place at one time and it is impossible to build a network of friends.
    Ricciardo tells Phelps that he has a good rapport with Infiniti Red Bull driver and fellow Aussie Mark Webber, but that he doesnt always get along with all of the other racers on the grid. In addition, he constantly checks in with family from Down Under some of which will see him compete next weekend at the Australian Grand Prix in [url=]nike air max 95[/url] Melbourne.
    The Perth native has been looking to take himself and Toro Rosso farther up the pecking order in 2013, and a good opening round in front of his relatives (and his countrymen) would be a solid first step.
    But while hell be raring to go for his home event, it sounds like hes looking forward to post-race even more.
    That is the hardest thing, missing my family and mates, he also said to the Telegraph. I don t get to see them much, but this week a few of them are coming from Perth. But honestly, my only chance to see them will be on Sunday night when it is all over.
    I can t wait to catch up, because I don t know when I will see them again.
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    do not miss final opportunity again
    Face this situation, how does the country also issue the appeal to fan again, "Must understand fair show. " " this 951 people did not pay on time, do not eliminate somebody to was not understood fair show, missed time. We appeal broad fan again, the list that goes seeing fill vacancies in the proper order buy again on the net and fair show, from January 12 0 when arrive 14 days 24 when it is the disbursement that fill vacancies in the proper order buys period of time, fill vacancies in the proper order buys the serial number in list column the 1 qualification that possesses fill vacancies in the proper order to buy to the fan of 951, ask fan people pay in time certainly, if be missed again, this part covers a ticket to will become medicinal powder the ticket sold. This part covers a ticket to will become medicinal powder the ticket sold..
    how does the country veto fan draft resolution
    Year bill sale ends basically, the fan that did not buy year of ticket still is undertaking be strivinged for finally. Fan sponsors a proposal, it is OK that hope country is installed one-time 20 when will finish sports season advocate the entrance ticket of 50 yuan of first gear sells according to 1000 yuan price apply for year of ticket but the fan that because shake,order did not buy finally. To this proposal, how does the country express " basic impossible " . "Come loose above all the crowd of bill requirement and amount, mix year of ticket it is different. Next the plan of begin a theatrical performance of every match is different, we also cannot decide which match comes loose now the ticket allows us to sell a few pieces. The 3rd, annual leg undertakes possibly be adjustmented temporarily because of all sorts of reasons. Fall in this kind of circumstance so, one-time annual medicinal powder it is not quite actual that the ticket sells. " the country installs general manager climax to say so. But the climax also expressed regret to capital fan through our newspaper, "Year bill sale lets fan feel dissatisfactory, this is us inadequacy still exists on club job, how does the country need to say to fan tone is apologetic, what stay this year is regretful, can leave next year to solve only. Can leave next year to solve only..


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